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Cook to order. Steamed premium sushi rice & tri-colour quinoa, side with a choice of salad. Rich in protein. Each dish contains at least 7.5 grams of fibre and at least one portion of 5 a day.

Katsu Curry

140 grams of non-fried crispy katsu (tempura/tofu) & Japanese vegetable curry.
Pork Katsu/ 11.0

Spicy Chicken Katsu / 11.0

Prawn Tempura / 12.5

Organic Tofu /11.0 (V)


Choice of protein glazed with house-made teriyaki sauce, salty and sweet taste. Topped with fresh scallion and sesame.

Salmon / 12.5

135 grams of salmon steak.
A precious source of Omega-3 fatty acid.

Chicken / 11.0

165 grams of chicken thigh fillet.
Provides 54 grams of protein.

Organic Tofu / 11.0 (VG)

150 grams of super firm organic tofu.
Great source of vegan protein.
Low in cholesterol.

Garlic Shrimp / 12.0

160 grams of tender & juicy shrimp with garlic saki sauce & zest of fresh lime.
Low in fat, rich in flavour.

Mapo Tofu

Authentic Szechuan dish, spicy bean sauce coats the soft cubes of Non-GMO silken tofu, tasty bit of Angus beef mince (or vegan mince), scallion, and Szechuan peppercorns.

Beef / 12.5

Vegan / 12.5 (VG)


Teriyaki Chicken / 4.8   Organic Tofu / 4.8

 Teriyaki Salmon / 6.5   Garlic Shrimp / 6.0


Freshly made Japanese style sandwich fillings over healthy multi-seed bread. Light and delicious, while boosting your protein and fibre intake.


140 grams of non-fried crispy katsu with cabbage slaw.

Pork / 8.5

Spicy Chicken / 8.5

Tofu Kimchi / 8.5 (VG)

Super firm organic tofu with homemade kimchi & vegan cheese

Egg Salad / 7.5 (V)

Free-range egg with Kewpie and chive

Dynamite Tuna / 8.0

Homemade tuna melt with a spicy and
crunchy twist

Prawn Tempura / 9.5

Prawns coating with crispy tempura crumbs
and cabbage slaw.


Gyoza (5pcs)

Pan-fried Japanese dumplings with a variety of fillings. A dish contains 5 pieces of Gyoza. Provided with homemade dipping sauce.
Chicken / 4.8

Tofu / 4.8 (VG)

Prawn / 5.8 

Chicken & Tofu Nuggets (5pcs) / 6.5

A crispy and juicy mix of chicken and tofu with honey mustard dip.

Kimchi / 2.5

Home-made traditional Korean-style salted and fermented vegetables.

Prawn Tempura / 6.5

Free-range egg with Kewpie and chive

VG = Vegan | V = Vegetarian

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